Why WordPress?

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I build most of my sites with WordPress these days

This may change in time & at present I am playing with Concrete 5, but for now I am sticking with WordPress for the majority of my builds.

Here is why:

WordPress was launched back in 2003 and for many it was seen (until recently) as a blogging platform, but it’s open source development environment & it’s “low level” entry point have made this CMS the most popular CMS of the time.

So why is WordPress so special?

Simply put: Themes & Plugins. WordPress has a vast selection of plugins and Themes available, OK not all of them are good, but the shear volume is staggering.

The key to everything WordPress is the open source factor, because of the open development environment many coders have invested their time developing plugins to do just about, well, everything. A example of a good plugin for WordPress is “Contact Form 7″, a simple but flexible plug to create contact forms. This on its own doesn’t sound too thrilling, but because of the open development environment many add ons for CF7 have been created, like Contact Form DB. This little plugin writes all of your CF7 form submission data straight to the data base, lets you view it in the admin area and even download it as CSV files, Excel & other formats.

Its not just about plugins

The availability of many professionally designed customisable themes has to be a factor. It used to be that if a company decided they needed a new web site the first port of call was a graphic designer. Now a good graphic designer does not come cheap! But fortunately the WordPress world has this covered.

Many people seem to think that a site built on a theme or template is a dirty word and many graphic designers even sell their designs as “Not from a template”. But WordPress themes are now so far evolved & customisable that one theme could be used to create many websites that all not only look completely different, they may have many different purposes as well. Just take a look here to see a small sample of what is now available.

Rapid development & Beyond.

I now use the above mentioned plugins & themes as tools to rapidly develop any unique WordPress based website in a fraction of the time that was previously required. Using carefully selected themes reduces the workload required for the Graphic Designer, speeds up development and saves the client money.

Many premium WordPress themes are updateable by the end user & clever use of child themes can ensure the website will not be broken on update. This means the website can be easily kept at a modern standard for the life of the theme.

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