Why use a Freelance Web Developer?

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The freelance web developer

To be a successful freelancer you need to be highly motivated, aware of deadlines and of course good at what you do. Generally freelance web developers work from home or have a small office somewhere and do not fit into the 9 – 5 framework of working. Indeed if you are the kind of person who likes to sack off work to go to the pub with your mates regardless of your workload, you’re probably not going to last long in the world of freelancing.

Why use a freelancer?


This has to be the main motivating factor. Freelancers on the whole generally charge less for the completed work than their agency counter parts. This is due to lower overheads, the speed of which the work is done & less complicated working structure.


When I am working on a project I become the main point of contact for the client, whether that be a business, individual or a design agency, when the client calls it is I who answers the phone. This has the effect of removing any communication delays that the client may have faced using a large company. Also the filtering down of information is removed, when my clients want to tell something to the developer, they just call and don’t have to deal with a middle manager who then passes his/her take on the information to the developer.


Freelancers are often well connected, for instance I offer basic SEO with all my full web design & builds. But if my client wishes to rank page one on Google globally, this is going to be outside my skill set. Luckily for my clients I have worked with many freelance Marketeers, Designers and SEO professionals & nine times out of ten I can get my clients a better deal by using my professional network, than they could possibly attain for themselves.

My skill set

WordPress 100%
PHP 100%
mySQL 85%
jQuery 95%
HTML5 99%
CSS 98%
Other CMS 75%
Levels indicate frequency of client requests.

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